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Heroes Legend of the Battle Disks Starter Pack / Album / Folder

Heroes Legend of the Battle Disks Starter Pack / Album / Folder

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According to legend, a long time ago, a Red Dragon flew freely over the lands of Aernia. Under his protective wings the people of Aernia lived in peace. Each night, the Red Dragon would do battle with Titans who hid deep within the earth by day. Having successfully protected his land, the Red Dragonw would rest at dawn.

One night, the Titams offered a to give a man extraordinary powers if he would help to kill the Red Dragon. Blinded by greed, the man entered the Dragon's cave at dawn and killed him while he lay sleeping. The body of the Dragon shattered into thousands of pieces which became scattered across all Aernia.

The Titans had tricked the weak man and now they were free to roam the land and cast their evil wherever they wished.

Ashamed of his weakness, the man vowed to spend the rest of his days recovering each and every piece of the Red Dragon's shattered body, hoping that he may find some way to bring him back to life.

It is only a legend, but it is thought that the Dragon's power still exists in Aernia and that it has somehow taken the form of Battle Disks - the Disks contain powerful energy and they are difficult to control.

The Heroes are challenged to dominate and control these disks and to use them to create powerful combat creature to defend Aernia.

There will be huge TV marketing and sampling for this product.

Heroes Starter Pack contains:

* 1 Sticker Album / Game Guide
* 1 Battle Map
* 2 Figurines
* 2 Battle Disks
* 1 Mini Shooter
* 1 Advanced Shooter
* Stickers

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