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Superclub Player Cards 2023/24 Expansion - Liverpool

Superclub Player Cards 2023/24 Expansion - Liverpool

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The thrill of a great Superclub player becoming available on Deadline Day is already off the charts. Now imagine swapping that player for a real life superstar like Kevin De Bruyne or Mo Salah … that’s what the licensed player cards provide.

Mix the licenced team cards with your existing Superclub cards and start playing in no time! The back of the cards are identical to the regular Superclub player cards for a seemless playing experience!

Adds 80 club licenced cards to your mix of Superclub cards ?

All first team players and select Legends ???????

One Golden playable collectible card ??

Compatible with all Superclub products ?

Enriched gameplay experience with player imagery and club crest ?

Model: LIV-PC23
Availability:Dispatched within 1-2 working days
Pack Quantity:1