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Prime Hydration Drink - ICE POP Bottle 500ml

Prime Hydration Drink - ICE POP Bottle 500ml

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Conceived by YouTube luminaries Logan Paul and KSI, PRIME Hydration has become a sensation in the beverages market.

This invigorating and replenishing drink, enriched with vitamins, BCAAs, and crafted with 10% coconut water, offers shoppers a refreshing solution for rehydration and recovery.

Presented in vibrant red, white, and blue bottles, PRIME Ice Pop brings the brand's special formula to a distinctive flavor combination of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry.

Providing both refreshment and essential vitamin replenishment, Ice Pop PRIME introduces an exciting dimension to any beverages assortment.

Embraced by athletes, gamers, and individuals of diverse interests, you can purchase Ice Pop PRIME online today.
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