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Wholesale Lot of Hot Wheels Sticker Collection (50 packs)

Wholesale Lot of Hot Wheels Sticker Collection (50 packs)

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Hot Wheels is one of the most well-known cars brand among children. For the first time ever, a Hot Wheels sticker collection has been developed.

Now kids will not only play with the cars, but also have fun collecting the stickers and completing their Hot Wheels album.

There are more than 100 stickers to collect, and a 32 pages album full of pictures of Hot Wheels cars.


* Constantly appearing on magazines to keep the  general knowledge of the brand

* Both Mattel and all other Licensees will give interactive support to the brand. Games and quizzes will also take place.

* TV compaigns on Hot Wheels products are constantly being scheduled on most of the main national channels. Mattel’s support to the brand will continue to be strong.

Each box contains 50 packets of stickers

Each packet contains 5 stickers

RRP: 50p